Installation of Solar Panels for Your Home

Installation of Solar Panels for your Home UK 2023 Complete Guide
May 31 , 2023

Install solar panels in your home & save on utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint. A Solar PV panel is made up of numerous cells, which are composed of layers of silicon or another semi-conducting material. This material conducts electricity when exposed to direct sunlight. The cells can function even on cloudy or gloomy days without the need for direct sunlight.

However, electricity production increases with sunshine intensity. Each solar panel in a solar PV system produces about 355W of energy in conditions of intense sunlight.

We at Evergreen Power Solar contractors remain committed to achieving a smart, decarbonized, decentralised energy system as a recognized and trusted firm for energy efficiency and clean energy solutions. Around every year, we enable millions of homeowners to make smarter energy decisions with solar panel installations across the UK.

We are working in collaboration with more sectors of industry as well, to develop new strategies to reduce carbon emissions and provide energy-saving benefits:

  • significantly reducing fuel scarcity
  • reducing fuel costs
  • employment and expansion in the renewable energy sectors
  • cleaner air
  • healthier homes

Our team is passionate and committed to bringing about revolutionary change. We’ve come a long way already, and as the clean energy revolution proceeds, our role will be crucial in the future too.

What makes Solar Energy so beneficial?

In the UK, solar energy is becoming more and more popular and getting less expensive with time and easier to generate it. People who are seeking more ways to use renewable energy sources can also contribute to environmental protection while being energy sensible. Reasons why solar energy has become more beneficial and readily acquired by everyone in the UK these days:

  • Due to the consistent amount of sunlight that the world receives, solar energy is one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy. Solar energy is currently the fastest-growing renewable energy source kudos to the constantly developing technologies that are being developed right now.
  • Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels have a relatively low carbon footprint that is only getting smaller as more and more of the materials used to make them are recycled.
  • The fact that you are producing and using your own energy instead of purchasing it from your supplier could result in a significant reduction in your electricity costs.
  • You typically don’t require a licence to install your own solar panels for your home because they are ‘permitted development,’ according to the law. Before installation, you should be aware of a few constraints that require your attention.
  • Any home with solar panels in the UK may fetch a higher price than one without in the near future, according to existing energy market trends.
  • As the sun is tremendously free. After paying for the installation cost of solar panels for your home, you can start creating energy for unlimited access. Your energy bills will plunge if you generate your own energy.
  • You can depend less on your energy provider if you generate your own renewable energy.
  • The most significant aspect of all is that by building a solar system, you are contributing to the transition toward a Net Zero future. You can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by producing and utilizing your own renewable energy.

You will pay Zero per cent VAT on everything if you install solar panels and battery storage together at the same time. Do you want to use solar power to lower your energy costs? We at Evergreen Power Solar experts can help you choose the ideal system for your home.  For a survey with no commitment, contact us immediately.

How many solar panels will I need to power my house?

There are indeed a number of factors to consider when determining how many solar panels you ought to have in order to power your home. Basically how much energy you consume is the main determining factor here. There is no definitive answer, but a good general rule is that for every kilowatt required, many solar panels are required.

Every single hour of direct sunlight, the majority of solar panels can generate 250W.    According to average energy consumption, a 3kW PV system will be adequate for as many as three residents.

In the UK, homes are typically 4kW in size, which can accommodate a maximum of three to four occupants. A 4kW system would require, according to the same formula, approximately sixteen solar panels.

You can always employ a solar PV system to only power a portion of your house. You would need fewer solar panels overall if you did that, but it might not be as financially advantageous in the long term.

Utilizing solar panels after installation

It is also essential to understand that solar panels come in two varieties: PV and thermal. Photovoltaic solar panels are the type of solar panel that is most frequently employed; they capture solar energy and turn it into electricity. These give you the ability to run your home’s appliances.

Solar thermal panels are the other sort of panel. These give you the ability to warm water for your house. The majority of homes will have solar PV installed because, as a nation, we use a lot more electricity and it’s the most efficient method of lowering your energy costs.

Taking advantage of the various benefits as your solar panels have been installed is the next crucial step. As you produce clean energy, your energy costs will greatly drop.

Any energy that you use but did not produce yourself will still be your responsibility to pay for. So, it is recommended to utilise the maximum energy produced by your solar panels.

Consider setting your appliances to run during the day to get the most out of your structure. Have you ever thought about investing in battery storage and perhaps other devices that will help you to store and maximise your surplus energy?

Have solar panels been installed already or solar panels for homes with batteries? So why not add a solar battery to your solar system to extend its lifespan, contact our Team from Evergreen Power Solar to avail different benefits with the installation of solar panel systems in your home.


Your home would benefit greatly from having solar panels installed. Besides reducing your energy costs, the government-backed programme known as the Smart Export Guarantee scheme will pay you for every kilowatt of power generation you export back to the national grid. Your solar system must be mounted by an MCS-accredited installer, such as Evergreen Power Solar, in order for you to be eligible for this programme.

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