Can Solar Panels Help in UK Energy Crisis: Quick and Easy Guide

Can Solar Panels Help in UK Energy Crisis
May 29 , 2023

Solar panels can play an important and crucial role in combating existing energy crisis with multitude of factors in the UK. You will not have to pay VAT on anything if you install solar panels and battery storage systems together at the same time in your property.

As a result of the existing financial crisis, average family homes will see “dual-fuel” electricity and gas bills that are nearly double the times higher than anything seen since 1970.

By making small adjustments to your boiler’s settings, you could save sufficient amount. Better insulation, a more energy-efficient home design, and the use of low-carbon and renewable technologies, such as solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles, can all result in more significant cost savings.

Do you really desire to utilise solar energy to reduce your energy costs?

We at Evergreen Power Solar experts can assist you in selecting the best solar system for your home. Your photovoltaic system must be set up by an MCS-accredited installer in order for you to be eligible for this programme.

Our contractors will finish the installation within a day because they have a lot of expertise in setting up solar panels. If necessary, the wooden structure can be built before installation and taken down once all work is finished.

To be eligible for the incentives, you must fill out the application form to leverage maximum benefits.

Solar Battery: Device for storing Solar Energy

The majority of solar panels are fitted on rooftops, but they can also be mounted on walls, on the ground, or as solar tiles. But keep in mind that solar flooring systems are less economical and typically about twice the cost.

An inverter will also be installed when solar panels are mounted in order to convert electricity generated from DC to AC which is utilized by the majority of home appliances.

Majority of people who own solar PV systems utilise nearly 25 to 35 per cent of the electricity they produce, while the rest is transported back to the grid.

When there is more energy generated by the solar panels than is considered necessary, it may be utilized to charge batteries, which can then be used to supply power during times of higher demand or during peak hours.

You can use the maximum amount of electricity produced by your solar panels if you have a battery storage system that uses lithium-ion batteries.

The system can typically be installed the same day as your solar panels because it is not too challenging to do so. In most cases, a battery storage system could be added to your current system as an alternative.

Since the invention of the technology, solar battery storage has indeed been regarded as the pinnacle of renewable energy. The systems have evolved over time, becoming more affordable and efficient in terms of cost.

If you produce more energy than you consume in your home in your battery, you could still export this surplus energy back to the main power grid, further lowering your electricity costs. If you utilise it, you still receive 50% of the export tariff you produce.

If you have installed solar panels, a system that stores batteries enables you to utilise the electricity produced in your home to the fullest. When the solar PV system produces more electricity than is needed, the battery is charged.

Energy prices are still rising, and maintaining a healthy environment is becoming more and more crucial. Adding a solar power system is an easy, affordable, and sustainable way to lower your energy costs and environmental impact.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels have become increasingly popular as more consumers prefer renewable energy sources, with implementations of residential solar panel installations growing by 45% over the last few years. It is no surprise that using solar energy allows you to save significantly on your electricity costs.

Multitudes of clients in the UK rely on us as we are trustworthy and dependable solar panel installers and are proud of this reliability and dependency. When you hire us, you can be pretty sure that a knowledgeable team will set up efficient and quality solar panel systems for you. Various advantages of solar panel installation in the UK include

• Reduced electricity costs by half.
• Value addition to your property.
• Tax-free Income from the Smart Export Guarantee.
• Warranty on workmanship.
• Solar Panel Warranty.
• Clean and Green Solar Energy.
• Lifetime Warranty on Solar Battery.

It is no miracle that using energy from the sun can help you save a tonne of money and conserve the environment.

Do you want to know how much money our solar installations can help you save specifically? The Evergreen Power Solar team will get in touch with you with a complimentary solar installation quotation and an approximate of how much you can save after you complete the form given below.

How do solar cells function?

Solar PV cells are sandwiched between layers of silicon-based semiconducting material. Electrons are jarred loose when sunlight strikes them, which starts an electrical current.

Solar panels are created by combining solar cells, and solar arrays are created by connecting several solar panels.

Although east and west-facing rooftops are also suitable, it is best to install solar panels on a south-facing roof to ensure they are subjected to as much sunlight as possible.

There is no obligation to notify your energy provider if you use solar panels in addition to a standard energy plan. Simply put, you’ll use far less electricity from the grid and have lower bills as a result. However, you should compare prices to ensure that your tariff is reasonable.

How long does it take to recoup the expenses?

Depending on the dimensions of the roof and the system you choose, installing solar panels will cost you a certain amount.

Although installing solar panels isn’t cheap, prices have decreased over time, and for some people, the environmental advantages they provide make it a minor cost to pay.

A 4kW solar panel system with 16 panels and a roof space requirement of about 29 square metres is one of the most popular options.

Despite the possibility that you will still require energy from the grid, this must generate enough electricity for a family home.

This system costs around £6,000 and £8,000, but you could save about £270 annually on your electricity bill.

A 3kW solar panel system needs about 22 sq. m of roof space, which is a more affordable choice. Between £5,000 and £6,000 is spent, but savings amount to only about £160 annually.

You can anticipate recouping the expenses of solar panel installation in the next 15 to 25 years, based on the quantity and quality of your system of panels and any income you make from transporting surplus power back to the National Grid. Larger systems cost more, but they produce more energy and ultimately save you more money.


There are many theories brewing around as to why energy prices in the UK are rising. Energy price increases are attributed to the tragic events in Ukraine, the deadly rebound, and the effect of energy suppliers leaving the market. These factors undoubtedly contribute to the increase, but in the UK, the main factor affecting energy prices is the cost of gas.

As a result of the UK government’s insufficient investment in renewable technologies, the country is still too vulnerable to increases in gas prices; therefore, if global unrest persists, you can assume that UK energy prices will hike as well. Your home would benefit significantly from having rooftop solar panels. In addition to lowering your energy costs, the government-backed programme known as the Smart Export Guarantee or simply SEG will reimburse you for every kWh of electricity you outsource to the national grid.

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