We have full expertise and experience in solar panel installation in the UK to support and guide you through every stage of your project and provide any queries you may have as an established nationwide installer. We give you the most suitable installers team to meet all your demands, from pre-planning to post-installation of solar panels. Due to the enormous surge in electricity prices, renewable energy is a secure and cost-effective option for every owner.

Solar-powered residential homes are the future of home industry. As we all are aware of, reserves for fossil fuels are decreasing rapidly and their usage is giving rise to carbon emission which is making our planet hotter and hotter every day, it should come as no surprise that so many people are turning to the renewable power such as solar panels to meet their residential energy needs. At Evergreen Power solar, solar panel installers team will help you huge savings on your home energy bills.

How do Solar Panels Work?

The technology behind solar power is complex to understand for common people as we are not familiar with solar industry. We would still try to explain the whole process in simple terms. As we all know sun emits heat and light. This light is made up of small particles known as photons. Every solar panel is basically a magnetized sheet having densely packed atoms.

When these photons from the sun hit the solar panels , they collide with the densely packed atoms and further due to the design of the panels knock electrons out of these atoms. This flow of electrons generates an electric current, which then powers your house through the electric wiring or gets stored in a solar battery to be used later.

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How Do Solar Panel Works

Why choose Solar Panels for your projects?

Solar panel installation cost can be a little higher as compared to other energy sources to start with, but the savings you make in the long-run makes it a better decision to install solar power in your home. You can get free electricity with solar panels & batteries(once you have paid for initial installation), which can significantly save you money on your energy bills. Solar panels can completely transform amount of money you spend on your energy bills and put money back in your pockets over a longer period.

Evergreen Power Solar is the perfect alternative to high cost of energy bills paid by you to your electricity supplier and will also help you in reducing your carbon emission, making your contribution towards saving the planet.

Join Millions of Other Solar Powered Homes in the UK

Now’s the perfect opportunity to get into solar panels for your homes – more than 800,000 UK homes have solar panels, and its installation cost has dropped close to 70% since 2010. Government in the United Kingdom has also made switching to solar panels powered energy easy so that people can join this solar revolution.

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Solar Panels Installation

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation For Your Home?

Huge savings on your Electricity Bills

You can generate free electricity with solar panels, which can significantly bring down your electricity bills.

Earn More Money with Grid Trading

The excess electricity you generate can be traded over the electric grid with green utilities to earn more money.

Green Renewable Energy

Solar power is a green renewable source of energy, and helps you reduces your carbon footprint.

Better Return on Investment

With recent decrease in solar panel prices, the return on investment has increased as compared to earlier years.

Lower Cost of Installation

Solar panel installation costs have reduced by around 70% in last 10 years

Finance Option Available

For qualified homeowners, there are different finance options available.